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Get the BEST from your advertising spends with kuchvi.in! We are the digital marketing agency in Delhi & We help you grow your business with a Facebook advertising program.

kuchvi.in has been working extensively on Facebook advertising campaigns from branding & Lead generation. Facebook remains the most demanded platform by brands due to its immense reach and precise targeting options. Facebook has been matured quite a lot with extensive targeting options, better measurements, and new ad formats.

Unlike Google advertising, Facebook advertising and other social media adverts are more about ‘Push’ hence the communication and targeting plays crucial role.

Facebook proves to be the most effective advertising channel for B2C segments like fashion, jewelry, education, real-estate, Insurance and many more. The key factor of Facebook is it’s persona based targeting options, so we can reach out to precise audience from specified geography, matching with demographic details (like age, gender, ethnicity etc) as desired and even the behavior and interests. We are generating more than 5000+ leads every month for varied clientele.

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